Essence of Spring
Pure & Tender
Classic Rose & Lily Bouquet
Pink Serenity
Red and White Posy.
Pink and White Rose Posy.
Classic Sheaf.
White Lily Sheaf.
Natural Tied Sheaf.
Pink and Purple Sheaf.
Red Single Ended Spray.
Pink Single Ended Spray.
Orange Single Ended Spray.
Yellow Double Ended Spray.
Red Double Ended Spray.
Rose and Lily Double Ended Spray.
Vibrant Double Ended Spray.
Pink Rose and Lily Casket Spray.
Traditional White Heart.
Open Gates of Heaven.
Purple & White Wreath.
White Wreath.
White Lily Wreath.
Pink Wreath.
Classic Wreath.
DAD lettering.
MUM lettering.
Teddy Bear.
Traditional Cross.
Pink Cross.
Vibrant Cross.
Classic White Cushion.
Pink and Mauve Cushion.
Traditional Pillow.
Green and White Pillow.
Vibrant Pillow.
Sweetness & Light
Open Heart Red Corsage
White Lily Spray
Wishing Well
Soft Vase
Just Because...
Luxury Open Heart
Based Heart Pink & White
Open Heart Lilac & Purple Heart
Open Heart Pink & White
Mothers Day Strawberry Crush *
Exotic Orchid !
Pretty Perfect
A New Day
Pastel Passion
Best Wishes
Colour Pop
Nature's Choice
Perfect Gift
Florist Choice
Sunshine Gift Wrapped Bouquet
Mother's Day Wish
Only the Best
Handmade Scented Candles
Galentines Gift Set
Sweet Memories
Exotic Hat Box
Secret Whispers
P S I Love you ...
Scented Elegance
Gift Bouquet Pinks!
Luxury Hatbox Gift Set
Gallentine's Gift Set
New Baby Boy
New Baby Girl Gift Set
Personalised Open Heart
Personalised Pillow
Spring Gift Set
Spring Gift Set (4 bottle set)
Teddy (Labrador)
Giant Teddy!!
Cuddly Puppy
Chez Emily Irish Chocolates